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Our loving young king Tofu (aka Hugo) has found his Forever home!

Gender: Boy

DOB: June 9th, 2022

Color: Black Shaded Silver (NS11)

Eyes: Jade Green. 

Born in: Europe. 

Key words: LOVE! Traveler. Lap baby. Gentle chatter. Bed warmer. Food lover. Show cat. Neutered. Best In Breed title. Soft like a cloud. Walks by your side. Wait at your door. Rub him everywhere you want. Carry him like a baby. Walk him like a puppy. 

Likes: Everybody. Your bed, your pillow. Your feet. Your lap. Stares & blinks. Beets (Yep!)

Dislike: Separation from his humans. 

Marble Surface

Nothing makes me happier to learn that our retired babies are living their best life :)

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