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Our beautiful queen Gloria had brought us 2 boys and 1 girl. The father is our handsome Whisky. 

All kittens have found their forever homes. Don't want to miss our kittens? Consider joining our waiting list :) 

Mint is the biggest baby from the litter. First to greet us with his big cry. Full of life and curiosity. This big boy has a rare blue shaded silver coat. Would he have dad's vivid green eyes, or mom's clear blue eyes? You'll be the first to find out. I'm already a bit jealous the customer who will add this lovely boy to their families

Mint is going to a local home here in Cleveland. 

Milky is so friendly everyone just loves carrying him around and keeping him on the lap. He's quiet and loves to hug, kiss and play with his brother and sister. 

He's a golden shell color point. He'll likely have mom's blue eyes.


Milky is joining a family only a few hours from home, here in Ohio. 

Sleepy head Mocha is often found sleeping while brothers are playing. She has the cutest yawn and stretch when the boys wake her up. 

She is a black shaded golden tabby. She'll have daddy's vivid green eyes. 

Mocha's new home is here in Ohio - her new name is now Lucy 

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