Sir Golden Point Jimmy

Meet our new King: Sir Jimmy! Jimmy is a strong and sweet Seal Golden Shaded Point British Shorthair. He is from Russian BritishShorthair Campion Blood line. He got his rare and luxurious coat and mystery blue eyes from both of his Champion parents. He is friendly to all. His favorite thing is a cuddle up beside you and purr away. His sapphire blue eyes glimmer in the sunlight, showing his playfulness and good personality.  We are very excited to see his beauty and good personality in his kittens.   

Sir Barsilana Frisco Fox (Whisky)

Whisky was born in Russia and has the best Champion bloodlines. He has golden coat which is bright and shinny. He likes to cuddle with you and sit on your laps. This handsome young man has amazing personality, grew up with cats, dog and small kids. He has beautiful green eyes and magnificent British smile. We are ready for him to bring beautiful, well adjusted, super sweet loving personality kittens.


Lady Holy Belle

Of Golden Lean

Lady Holy Belle came to us from a well recognized retiring European breeder. She is a loving mother and takes exceptional care of her kittens.  Her father is a many time international champion with luxurious black silver shaded coat which Lady Holy Belle has inherited and surely passed to her last 3 kittens. Her mother is a snowy white chinchilla with sapphire blue eyes. Look forward to Lady Holy Belle's next litter of babies, we may see those mystical blue eyes!

While not nursing her kittens, Lady Belle spends her days curling up inside boxes of various sizes - a form of meditation (yoga?) I suppose.  

Lady Golden Cinder

Of Newchoice

Lady Golden Cinder was born in a loving home in Canada. Still a kitten, she has shown so much potential to be our Cinder Queen. She is sweet and playful. She practices her singing skill often and does exceptionally well when she munches on a big piece of meat. 

Cinder has grown into a fine lady. She enjoys conversation with people and is our children's favorite. She is often carried like a dolly around the house, and is enjoying it. 

Lady Luna

Of Favaretti Wella

Lady Wella came from Russia. We immediately fell in love with her mystical blue shaded golden coat, and beautiful color eyes. If lady Sweetie is a ray of sunshine on emerald, Lady Wella is moonlight on deep blue lake. Therefore, we name her Luna at our home. Lady Luna is very affectionate and purrs merrily whenever someone pet her. She often gives me head bump in the middle of her meal time, as if to express her gratitude. She will surely gift us with beautiful and friendly kittens very soon. 


Lady Maya

Lady Maya

       Lady Maya
Lady Maya is our new Queen.She is a blue golden shaded British Shorthair. She brought us so much joy with her super sweet personality. She loves everyone in the house. .Cant's wait to see her kittens with same personality.