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Jimmy - Retired

Of Nataliland 

Meet our new King: Sir Jimmy! Jimmy is a strong and sweet Seal Golden Shaded Point British Shorthair. He is from famous Russian breeder. Both parents won many grand champion awards in shows. He got his rare and luxurious coat and mystery blue eyes. He is friendly to all. His happy moment is cuddle up beside you and purr away. His sapphire blue eyes glimmer in the sunlight, showing his playfulness and good personality.  We are very excited to see his beauty and good temperament in his kittens.   


aka Barsilana Frisco Fox

Whisky was born in Russia and carries one of the best Champion bloodlines - the MiracleBri. He has golden coat which is bright and shinny. He likes to cuddle with you and sit on your laps. This handsome young man has amazing personality, grew up with cats, dog and small kids. He has beautiful green eyes and magnificent British smile. Whisky has fathered many beautiful, well behave, super sweet and loving kittens.

Golden British Long Hair

Lady Cherry

Of Everstar

Lady Cherry is our first ever Longhair beauty. Bright luxurious golden coat, deep green eyes, round nose, Round face, lovely purrs. This little princess loves all the affection and attention she gets and is never shy to show how much she loves us all. She'll be ready to give us beautiful babies in the summer of 2023. We can't wait! 

Lady Maya

Lady Maya is our new Queen. She came to us from another cattery here in the U.S.A. She is a blue golden shaded British Shorthair - a exquisite color. She brought us so much joy with her super sweet personality. She loves everyone in the house and took great care of her many adorable kittens. Cant's wait to see more kittens from Lady Maya. 


Lady Maya is due for her next litter in April.  Contact us today about the waiting list!

Blue shaded golden British shorthair

Lady Blossom

Arwin Of Everstar

Who can say no to Lady Blossom when she stares with those innocent eyes requesting for head and belly rubs? She loves following her human around and be part of our daily routine. Lady Blossom has the classic Cheshire cat smile. She'll be sure to bring us many smiling kittens in the summer. 

CinderBelle's Golden Gloria

Born and raised home here at CinderBelle. Our lovely Gloria carry her mother's beautiful silver fur and clear blue eyes from dad. This very energetic young lady runs around the house all the time and loves climbing. She's most happy sitting next to us on the sofa after playing with her toys. She knows where we keep the treats and is a great communicator when there is a craving. 


Lady Summer

Aphrodite Of Everstar

Lady Summer and Lady Blossom are litter mate. The two girls has such different look but the same friendly temperament. Lady summer loves sitting on our laps and grooms. Curious and loves to run around. We hope to meet Lady Summer's first litter in the summer.

Lady Cinder

Of Newchoice

Lady Cinder came to us from a Canadian breeder at 5 months old and is now 3 years old! She carries champion bloodline from Australia. She's talkative and very smart. Opens closed door, picks up treats with both hands, hides her favorite toys from others, comes when she's called. Her kittens are all as lovely and smart as her. 

Our home is Cinder's forever home. We are hoping to have more of her kittens. 

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