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Our wonderful queen Cinder had brought us 5 beautiful baby girls on 10/4. 
All the girls have found new homes. 


Hayden is the calmest kitten. She is usually the first to come to me and would sit on my lap quietly. She loves head rub and belly rub.  

She is a black golden spotted tabby. 

With new family in Columbus, OH. 

Hazel is my daughter's favor kitten. She is carried everywhere and loves cuddles. Very affectionate.

She has beautiful black shaded golden coat. 

Hazel is at a wonderful family in Nova, OH. 

Helena is the most talkative kitten. She is very energetic and loves to play. A belly rub will get her purring. 

She is a black golden spotted tabby. 

Helena is with new family in Pennsylvania

Harper is the biggest kitten of the litter. Very friendly and playful. She loves a cuddle and enjoy exploring new places. She loves her da-bird toys.


She is a black golden spotted tabby. 

Harper's new family in Columbus, OH. loves her so much. 

Hope is the smallest of the litter but the most affectionate. She loves giving kisses and follows me around. She's a lap kitten. 

She is a black golden spotted tabby. 


Lives in Michigan with new family.  

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