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Our lovely new queen Gloria had brought us 2 boys and 2 girls on 7/22. 
The two girls are reserved by customers previously joined out waiting list. 
The two boys are looking for new homes! Please contact us if you are interested. 

Kiwi is our favorite kitten from the litter. She has the purest golden shell color coat. She's playful and friendly. Always the first to come check on us. She's the oldest and the first to start walking and running around. She's chatty and she can't wait to hangout with you. 

Kiwi (Now Dorie) will be going to a beautiful home with many other friendly animals in Vermont. We are so happy for her. 

Kiki is the sweetest girl we've been gifted. Calm and observant. You can carry Kiki everywhere and she'll just sit quietly looking with those curious eyes. She's a blue shaded golden color point just like her mommy.

Kiki is going to new family here in Ohio. They can't wait to meet her.  

Kayden and King are best buddies. We can hardly tell them apart. They are both black golden shaded color point. 


Kayden is very gentle and always down for hugs. He doesn't like to be carried around but likes to sit on/next to you.


Kayden is joining his older brother in a new home not far from home here in Ohio! The 2 boys are going to have so much fun.  

King is very playful and loves climbing. He gives kisses and cuddling. 

King has found his forever home in PA. We are so happy for him. 

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