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All About British Shorthair Cats

Belle and her babies

British Shorthair cats have a chunky shape. They get along well with other cats, children and other pets ranging from dogs to rodents, rabbits and even birds. They are loving and loyal cats which makes them wonderful pets. They tolerate being left alone. They are affectionate but also enjoys sleeping in the sun. They are easy cat to care for. Weekly brush will be good enough to keep their fur soft and beautiful. During spring and fall, they will need to be brushed more often.

While some cats get a reputation for being high-strung and jumpy, the British Shorthair is anything but. They love to be around human but not clingy. If you’re looking for a best buddy who stays calm as a cucumber and won't give you too much "surprises", our cats are the best fit. Kitties can join your family as early as 12 weeks. By the time, they will be current on vaccination, healthy, and playful.

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